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Bơm chìm Mahendra - Dòng KR và VR

Bơm chìm Mahendra - Dòng KR và VR

Mahendra borewell submersible pump sets as per IS 8034, Motor as per IS 9283
- Motor designed for wide voltage fluctuation
- Water lubricated bearing
- Smooth and noiseless operation
- Light weight and easy to install
- Can be easily dismantled & repaired
- Dynamically balanced rotating part like rotor and impeller ensures long life
- Highly durable water cooled rewindable motor
- Low frictions Carbon Thrust Bearings
- Stainless steel strainer prevents particles over a certain size from entering the pump.
- Pumps are available with non-return valve to reduce the backpressure of water when it is switched off
- Non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant high-grade stainless steel stator body

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